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Why seal coat your parking lot?
Neglecting asphalt maintenance can prematurely destroy your parking lot. Rain, sun, gasoline, de-icers and oxygen all accelerate aging of unprotected asphalt. As an unprotected parking lot ages, it becomes brittle & cracked. This allows water intrusion which causes potholes and accelerates the need for costly repaving. A regular preventative maintenance program of seal coating, crack filling, and line striping will keep your asphalt parking lot looking like new and resistant to all of these factors. Asphalt maintenance will keep money in your pocket, improve “curb appeal”, and attract customers to your business.
What are the savings an owner or property manager can expect from regularly maintaining their parking lot?
A regular preventive maintenance program using Superior Seal Coating is a cost effective way to help extend your driveway from 10-12 years to 25.
How often should an owner or property manager maintain their parking lot?
The standard industry answer is every two-three years, but every parking lot wears differently. Traffic, water runoff, and exposure to sunlight all affect the lifetime of the seal coat. The best answer is, “If it looks like your parking lot is graying or your current seal coat is wearing off, then it is time to call Diamond Construction Group
Is my parking lot a candidate for asphalt maintenance?
Every parking lot is different and almost all can benefit from asphalt maintenance. Request a free estimate so we can tell you how our services will prolong the life of your parking lot. If we think that your parking lot will not benefit we will recommend a qualified paving company that believes in doing business with the same integrity that we do.